Dungeon Door is a fast isometric turn-based tactical RPG played in a classic dungeon crawl setting. It is a blend of a role-playing game (like Baldur’s Gate) and a tactical strategy game (like X-Com). However, it is also very simplified and stylized, so the average level takes less than 30 minutes to play. While accessible to casual gamers, it provides interesting strategic play for more serious players. The style is that of a tabletop adventure game (like HeroQuest), enhanced with elements of the digital medium – dynamic graphics and animation, automated calculations and bookkeeping, randomized maps and missions, and compelling AI.

You control a small group of heroes as they explore a series of increasingly dangerous dungeons. There are six distinct heroes, each with a unique set of abilities, but only four heroes are available in any given dungeon. Dungeons are randomly generated, and filled with monsters that have distinct abilities and behavior. Quest goals are also randomly determined, and might include killing a boss, finding a particular treasure, destroying a certain number of enemies, escorting an NPC to safety, or simply escaping within a given number of turns. As they explore each dungeon, players will find healing runes, keys that open doors and chests, and ability enhancing equipment.

  • Six Very Different Heroes – Each has distinctly different abilities, systems, and strategy.
  • Tactical Positioning and Vision – Enemy units block movement and line-of-sight.
  • Randomized Dungeons – Each level has an unpredictable layout and a random mission.
  • Dynamic Music - Music changes as different characters are available and with certain in game actions
  • Streamlined Abilities – Every character has only 5 abilities, each available with a button.
  • Simple Advancement – No complicated experience or skill points – just ability upgrades.
  • Varied Party Composition – Four heroes per mission – each party needs different strategy.
  • Satisfying Treasures – Simple item upgrades means no equipment micro-management.
  • Interesting AI – Monsters will protect their weak, find reinforcements, and sneak attack.
  • Appealing Character Design – Animal-based heroes reflect a light-hearted game.

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